I had to reinstall the app and now I cannot sign in

How can I receive some support to recover my account?

Check my post just above yours.

Bought a new device and I cant log in anymore. It says: “The verification code or phone number you entered is incorrect”. However, I can log in through the web app just fine. I have this issue for 3-4 days now and all the customer support had to say was:

“Thank you so much for waiting! Upon checking, it seems like we have an ongoing issue reagardng this as of the moment, no worries, the reelvnat team is already aware of this and is working on fixing this as soon as they can. I know that you would want to know the estimated time that this would be resolved, unfortunately, we haven’t got an update on that. But please be assured that we are already on top of this. Sorry for the trouble, I hope you understand.”

Unacceptable. Ofcourse the web site isnt the same as the app itself, so I cant do many things…

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Hi, i’ve installed revolut app on a new phone, and still have the old number, but I can’t access my account (It makes me create a new account and says my e-mail is aleady used…) would Like to get back my account!..please help!!

You can try logging off on the old phone first and then log in on the new phone.

If you still have issues accessing :r: on your new phone:


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When you’re creating a new account, you have to choose an new 4 digit app pin that’s going to be part of your login credentials. The 6 digit code is a security code verifying your phone number.

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That means the system thinks you’re trying to log in – not setting up a new account. Contact them on social media!

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I got message that the app needed updating - when I accepted that, it installed new app and wiped all my access details. The only option on the new app was ‘open a new account’. When I put my phone number in, it sent a verification code to my email. But the response with the code was so slow I hit re-send. And then…total confusion as to which was right verification. When I got past that, it has been ‘verifying a selfie’ for ages now…


I had an issue of transferring funds from my Canadian TD bank account, the technical support (through the app) suggested to uninstall and install the app again, although I was not convinced, but I did it. And now I can’t login in to my account.

And the problem is, i can’t reset the password or talk to live agent unless through the app, which is not working.

I tried even to my web account, also is not letting me.

Can someone from Revolut contact me?

I forgot passcode and now just keep getting g bounced back to enter passcode once I’ve entered phone number and code.
Tried reinstalling but no difference. Have new phone so maybe that is issue.