I had to reinstall the app and now I cannot sign in

I just got the message from Revolut that my account got ‘unlocked’. I could now open the log in page, but now when I tried to rest my passcode, the app freezes after I input the new passcode the second time as a confirmation, and it does not go through. I have tried this twice now, in which I was made to go through different sets of ID checks, such as taking a selfie holding an ID card. This is extremely frustrating.

Hello, After update the app I cannot log me in. Login screen is spinning infinitely. I can’t use it anymore. Phone: XCover4, Android 8.1.0
Can you help please?

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Ma poti ajuta si pe mine te rog frumos.

Hi, I have the same problem. Even if I put the right password, it’s not letting me get into my account.

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Hello there,

I have an issue with the Revolut App. Let me explain.

There was an update of the app.
I opened it again, and the app is asking me for my phone number.
Alright, I put it and receive a SMS with a code.
The code is inserted automatically on the screen, and then I press on “Sign In”.
After this, there is another pop-up with a Sign In option.
And all the process with the sms thing restarts, I can’t actually sign in the app…

Could you please help me ? :slight_smile:


I have the same issue- Re-installed and cannot sign in. The OTP messages are sent too late and are not valid. I tried to message @AndreasK asK directly but I cant. Could you please help me?

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I had a bunch of problems with the app so a support guy told me to try to reinstall the app.
Now I cannot sign in anymore. Guess I’m never doing that again…

Anyway, after I enter my phone number into the app, I get to the screen saying an email with a verification button was sent to me and to just click on it. But I receive an email with a 6-digit verification code which I have no place to enter.

Hi. I have the same issue, I have reinstaled the app and the code I receive is not accepted. Please help.

The code should be a link. Did you try tapping on it? Just open the mail on the same device where the app is installed.


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I reinstalled the app, and the only option I have is to open a new account! What can I do to sign in with my credentials?

Hello there! I have accidentally deleted cache and data from the app and I have tried to enter the app again. Nothing works, I received emails and there is nothing to click on to get back to the app. My telephone number is not recognised and when trying to sign in using my computer the platform says the number does not exist. All started when I have tried to use the virtual cards and I wasn’t able to see the numbers. Any help??