I had to reinstall the app and now I cannot sign in

My problem is solved.
I was inputting my current phone number which is my new number that I didn’t update on the app (it was never registered with the app) and that was the reason why it was seeing me as a new customer.

I sent revolut a message on their Facebook page (a messanger message) and they responded really quickly and after verifying me, they changed my phone number to my current one and once I put the correct number (registered with the app), the system saw that I was an existing user and let me log in instead of signing in.

If anyone has a problem with their phone number or email, i suggest contacting them on their Facebook page.

You firts get an automated message to contact the in app chat but I typed “can’t login to my app” and then a real person helped me to fix the problem.

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Same Problem, reinstalled APP in new phone, but no access to my Account. See Printscreen attached, but i cannot login anywhere…

I second this approach. After more than a month trying to get some help around here (DMs to AndreasK & posting on this thread), I reached out to them on their Facebook page (/revolutapp) via private message. They then verified me with a bunch of questions and then immediately fixed my problem - it took about 30 minutes in total.

Hope this helps.


I have similar issue, but i recieved my mail but can’t take picture to verify identity.

Device is Samsung Note 10 + 5G, access for picture is allowed.

What can I do?

Same problem, not possible to réactivate my account after reinstalling, could you contact me as soon as possible ?


I have this same problem and have been out of my Revolut account for weeks, could you help me please ?

Hi. I reinstalled the app and it requires to do the flow for the account opening. Can you please advise??

Hi I too have had n error before and support told me to reinstall the APP.
Now I only have the option to create a new account. Can you please help me?

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hi guys, i am new, and have issues with app on my android phone, had to delete the app, tried to reinstall it, but after numerous attempts to receive a verification code either on my phone or email, i got nothing sent. please help, thanks

Same issue here. Help pls?

Hi, I have facing an identification issue with the app: I changed my smartphone but not my tel number and e-mail address, and I uninstalled the app and re-installed it, and no way I can log in. It only tells me to create a new account, but refuses my e-mail address, as already existing. What shall I do? Thanks in advance,


I have the same issue, but to complicate it all I’ve changed the phone number and it says my code or phone is wrong.
Can you please help out?
Thanks a lot


I have the same issue. It says my code is wrong.
Can you please help out?
Thanks a lot

Me too ,
I have the same problem I cannot connect with the application but on the website it works

I reinstalled the app and tried to login with the same phone number. The app indicated the otp is sent to my email, but I never receive the code. Not in spam, not in any folder.

Same problem for me, restored my iPhone with an iCloud backup and my pin (not the card one) is not recognized… But on the website everything is OK.

I cannot receive SMS from Revolut now, but it was working fine until septembre ! My provider is OPT in New Caledonia. @Revolut team can you check ?

Hi, I have reset my phone and reinstall the revolut app, now I can’t sign in into my account. The same problem like the most here.
Please help me.

I’m having same issue. Agent told me to reinstall app and he would keep chat open and now I can’t find an option to log in. Please help.

@AndreasK please help me
I can’t send you a private message

I reinstalled the app and am trying to login with the same phone#. The app says Code via email or SMS has been sent, but I never receive the code.

No SMS, No email in any folder.
Can I get some help?