I frogot my reference number in bank transfer - Please help! - SOLVED

I have made a transfer to my account in Revolut but I have forgotten to include the reference number (85713***).
I have contacted you through the chat… but it is too busy (already waiting 4h!)

How could I get the money? Could you help me please? (I did the transfer 7 days ago!)

Thank you in advance.

You will need to wait for customer support as the transfer needs to be manually assigned to your account …
You will need to present some proof of transaction to Revolut Staff .
Take care :slight_smile:

Thank you! Looking forward to be contacted by Revolut Staff, I am ready with all the information about the transaction.

Just send them everything that they can solve your problem without getting back to you. There is no need to wait for a response :wink:

Attach files in chat :+1: :slight_smile:

Thank you! Files attached in the chat! I cross fingers that they solve it soon.:crossed_fingers:

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SOLVED!! Thank you REVOLUT!! They contacted me in the chat and solved the problem after checking my bank receipt. Money arrived instantly to my Revolut account.

Great service!