I feel like a fool - Maybe a Revolut Ambassador could help.


Good afternoon y’all,

I signed up as I was very much interested to receive my free physical card only to find that I too will be charged. I feel like a fool for topping up £10 with the intention to test drive this teal-ish coloured beauty out for a test drive when it’s delivered only to realise that the promo of free delivery for the card ended long ago. :sob:

I’ve heard that a Revolut Ambassador may be able to help. Is there any chance that there is a Revolut Ambassador that would be willing?

Also, how does one become a Revolut Ambassador? I’m thinking, as I love the idea behind Revolut, if I do enjoy the service I would be more than happy to invite my friends and family and I’m sure if I could offer the odd one of them something similar to what I’m asking for it may tease and entice them to join.

Thank you for reading my words and I hope you all have a wonderful day. :slightly_smiling_face:

p.s. This is the first community/forum I have posted in years so if I make any faux pas please do not hesitate to tell me off and I’ll refrain from speak such things. :zipper_mouth_face:


The free promo may have ended, but you can always sign up for Revolut and earn your free card by using an ambassador’s link (like mine; send me a direct message if you’re interested). However, if you’ve already signed up with your phone number, I’m afraid there’s no other way than to pay for the card. :cry: As for the ambassadors, you can check the link in Revolut’s Instagram bio to fill in the form! :slight_smile:


AFAIK it works in the same country.
Are you from Greece? Is @mandalamunki from Greece too?

And it works until it is new Revolut account


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Nothing to worry about. Unfortunately the promo has been ended. But please order a card with standard delivery and I will refund you the cost as a gesture of good will.



Aww, thank you AndreasK

I just ordered my card via the standard delivery option. I must say how lovely you are, what a company/organisation/team. Can’t wait to test drive this card and start promoting :r:evolut!
Whoop Whoop! Made my gloomy day super sunny! :sunny: Thank you :love_you_gesture: :

As pgournas says earlier in the thread; I can sign up to be an ambassasor via the Instagram Bio, which I started but it asks what my following is…well… If I’m honest, at the moment, I don’t have much of a following, I deleted my old account and started again so atm 150ish on Insta + 250ish on FB = 400 total, I will be posting more in the coming weeks and onwards though.

I assume as I’ve applied I’ll now be declined?

I’d love to promote :r:evolut as an ambassador, I see a bright future for this company and I’m excited for what going to come.

Again thank you @AndreasK, @pgournas, @redi @ for the quick responses and helping me out. :love_you_gesture:


p.s. Also If you fancy helping increase my numbers on social platforms, I’ll be updating all of them very soon so please excuse the current lack of content, give me an add;

  • mandalamunki (Instagram)
  • mandalamunki (SoundCloud)
  • mandalamunki (YouTube)

Cheers guys!