I don't see my iban anymore

I created my profile and got an iban and bic.
I transfered money from my bank account (BE pc banking) on this iban to be able to order the card.
I wanted to check the currency of this account and there were 2??? : EUR and GBP. when clicking on EUR my iban changed and than disappeared from the app.
HELP! What did I do wrong?
Where will my bank transfer go?
How to get my card? I am leaving soon.

Go to:
More> Profile> Account data> EUR then tab local

I did what you said but now I have REVOGB21 (BIC number) and not LOYDGB2L anymore which is the one I made a transfer to.

Can you explain how to transfer the money I put on the LOYD account to the REVO, can you do it?



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This BIC is available in pooled account (not local/ individual). Tap SWIFT tab to see it.

Please note: Sending money to pooled account you shouldn’t skip reference number.

Hi there. If you transferred the funds to your details under the SWIFT tab, please make sure to use the 8 digit reference number. If you forgot it, reach out to our in-app support team (More–>Help–>Chat to us) and they can help locate your transfer.