I don't receive the text message to get the app



I introduce my phone number to get the app, but I never receive the message.

Can someone help?

Thank you


Is your phone number from EEA?


Its Vodafone, I’m in Portugal


Can you please delete and reinstall the app?


yes. Its done, deleted and reinstalled


And how about the effects?


Still don’t receive the message


Ok, have you tried to tap “Haven’t received message” add to choose another authorisation method? (By call-strongly recommend or by support)


I don’t have that option on my app … Just have the option to insert the code or “have you changed your phone number”


After the code is sent, wait a minute or two, “didn’t receive code” should then appear.


After one minute of wating text “Don’t have an SMS” or something similar should appear.


@redi @Frank I got it, its working :wink:

Thank you guys

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