I don't receive confirmation text message in India with french sim card

Hello !

Since I arrived in India my French sim card (the one I used to create my Revolut account) is not working anymore.
Then I’m not able to get the security text message to log on to the Revolut app.
Is it possible to receive this confrmation message through Whatsapp or by e-mail instead?

It starts to be quite an emergency so many thanks for your help…!

If your SIM doesn’t work (BTW. Have you turned roaming on?) the only way is contact with support. Don’t forget to type live agent in chat window.
Or maybe you can answer the call from support? If yes- just tap this option when you have chosen “I don’t have authorization SMS”
If you’re in a hurry I suggest contact via DM on Twitter.

Thanks for your answer but it’s still not working here…

-> I took the Travel option on my SIM to be able to receive text message from France, but it’s not working with the Revolut App.
-> Live agent in chat window seems to be a good way to solve my problems but the service is all the time “too busy” to get an answer.
-> The option to receive a call is not working neither.

Is there any other way to solve this problem…?

Send them a message on Facebook or Twitter.

I’ll tag @AndreasK for you.I believe he can help you (when he is on his shift)

Hi there. Do you have a local sim card?