I don't ever receive the SMS codes. Phone call works fine.

As in the title, every time I need to verify myself through a Revolut code, the SMS doesn’t arrive.

It’s a French number at the provider Orange. I have full network signal and after the one-minute countdown, I can choose the option to verify by a phone call which arrives immediately (so it’s not a phone or SIM issue).

The annoying thing is:

  • I have to wait a minute every time I need to verify (sometimes twice, for example to send money to a new account number, first to add the beneficiary then to make the transfer)
  • The phone call is like the slowest ever, with 4-second pause between digits.

You could say that “my problem is solved” as I can resort to phone call verification, however since the SMS never ever arrives, I think it would be great for Revolut to sort it out.

Tried reinstalling the (iOs) app, no luck.

Anyone from France with the same problem?

Hey @Szak1 :slight_smile:

Definitely not, I’d be sooo frustrated with :r: if I ever experienced this… :frowning:

Hi, I have the same problem.
I used to have an English number but from one week ago I have à French number with the same provider as you. When I tried to amend the contact number in my profile and put my French number, Revolut sent me a digit number but I didn’t get it. I waited 1 more minute to send the 6 digit again and no success. I contacted the support and they manage to amend my number. However, when I try to do a bank transfer I have the same same problem. The digit code doesn’t came through to me. And now when I have a look at my number to amend it, you can see at first my French number but when you want to amend I have my old English number appears. It’s realky annoying ! Did you manage to receive anything from Revolut ?

No. I wasted twenty minutes with support, and they tried like four times,
then gave up. Since then, 1 out of 10 times I get the code (for example
when I was roaming in Portugal), the other 9 times I resort to phone call

A strange thing to add is that I had the same problem during signing up at
N26 (an other online bank) - no verification SMS, had to call their
support. Maybe these fintech companies use the same SMS sender which is
blocked by Orange, but that’s just a wild guess.