I didn't use to purchase but balance was deducted

Regarding my card balance, I didn’t use to purchase any airline ticket in this few days, but how come I had received a purchase order from Ryanair and didn’t get any verified to deducted money from my card account ? Can you please check for me? And how can I get back the money that deducted from me? since I have facing this kind of problem, do I need to terminate my card?
For this issued I confirmed that I have no purchase airline ticket, and may I know your company have any Financial loss protection for the card user?

Hope to get your reply ASAP, thank you

If you are saying that there is a transaction on your card that you know nothing about then the first thing to do freeze the card IMMEDIATELY. This can be done within the card section of the app.
Secondly you need to contact support by means of the in app feature.

Hi there. Please block your card in the Cards section of the app if you see any unauthorised transactions. Send me a DM if you haven’t reached out to support already. :slight_smile:

Hi Jessica

Sorry, I don’t know what is DM meaning

Could you tell me how can I do?

Thanks a lot!

DM = Direct Message

Tap on Jessica’s name in her reply above and then tap on ‘Message’