I didn't received my revolut card


So basically I ordered the Revolut card in the beginning of March and it supposed to arrive if I’m not mistaken around 15th of March, but I didn’t got one at this time I’m still staying in Hungary till the end of the month (work purposes) and I just want to ask you when it would arrive or not and should i expect to get it or not. Because at the end of the month I’m coming back to my home country to which since i did not received the first card that I ordered directed to the address in Hungary I ordered the second one straight to my home now.

If you aren’t a premium user and if you didn’t pay for tracked shipment you cannot check where exactly package is. But still you can ask in-app support if they can deliver you any receipt or at least check if the package was sent.

Well we will see how it is going to work out. But thanks for the information redi.