I didn't receive the money from top up via UK bank transfer


I’ve been using Revolut with no issues for over a year.
I’m very disappointed to say this has now changed and I’m considering whether to continue using it in the future :frowning:

This week, I’ve had a top up via bank transfer on GBP swift account and the money didn not appear in my app.
This was more than 3 days ago, I contacted customer service via the in-app support. I’ve provided the transactions confirmations with screenshots from by bank account.
I have received no help at all from the customer service live agent - simply silence.
No justification or problem solving was provided and the money never appeared.
I have also posted this on revolut facebook.

I would like real customer service help to get this sorted asap.

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I feel your pain!! i’m new to revolut, made my 2nd transaction yesterday (midday) and was locked out of my account, contacted support got a live agent eventually but nothing sorted since then.!!!


I’m fearing for my money, sent large sum into revolut for second time, I can see it pending, been like that since Saturday the 9th. Told by support agent on app that I needed to speak to my UK bank and request it back, who laughed because that is impossible. Got one more reply from support days ago, saying to verify which I have done, but that is just sitting there 48 hours later “processing”, and every day when I ask for an update just get ignored.

Lots of spam and advertising about crypto launches, terms and conditions updates but giving me my money, not happening ?!?!?!

EDIT : Just seen this post “Pending Verification for Months” which makes me even more worried

Does anyone know if this system is regulated UK wise, applying to EU banking licenses but anywhere to take these complaints ? Posts on facebook are going un answered to

EDIT#2 : @AndreasK @jessicaszabla


Hey @pentop :slight_smile:

You can find alternate contact methods, as well as a link to the complaints policy (with answers to all your questions) here:


Thanks for your feedback @Juliopp

Message in app, get ignored over days
Post on Facebook, get ignored
Sent several messages on Facebook messenger, finally get a “very sorry for the delay. What can I do to help you today?” so finally some feedback, but nothing since, so maybe just a bot named Richard ?
Send an email … ? Sure that will work with the above not … ? Auto reply of 2 business days …

How can you progress complaints “If that is the case, a member of our support staff will provide you with the Complaint Form which you may complete and then submit” when you don’t get anything back from support ???

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I have now had success after many days of no luck via the in app chat, to reach “Richard” via facebook messenger, he was then able to join me in app, and has reverted my transaction, so it will makes its way back to UK bank account.

Many thanks to Richard for offering a solution, and answering my queries.


I’m really sorry to hear that @pentop! Definitely not the kind of service we strive to provide. Unfortunately our support team has been overwhelmed, massive apologies!

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