i did not find my country on the list

hello i register my account but to verify my identity i cannot find my country on the list? how can i verify my account ? thanks you

May I ask what’s your country? :r: is only available to residents of the EEA(+UK)+CH


hello ’ am now in france they ask me to send the proof of my residence here but i cannot.find where i have to send it exatcelly ? can u help me please ? thanks you

through the in-app chat

i did not see it they tell always we are.verfying your identity

Hey! I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. An agent will review your document and contact you as soon as possible.

hello andrea. i send them all documents required they tell me that will be resolved from 24 hours to 96 hpurs. i think that 96 hours is alot for me. i hope they resolved urgently my case as soon as possible and no more then 24 hours. thanks you for your help.

Can you please send me a direct message so that I can help?

shame seevices who complicated my life. am not happy with this services.