I can't withdraw ...


I have 2 big problems with my revolut card.
the first is that my smartphon is broken, so I cant connect to my app…
The second, is that Im currrently in madagascar for 5 months, I have the mastercard revolut, and I cant withdraw… My friend who’s with me has the visa revolut and she can withdraw in each ATM…


Hey mmerloz

Sad to hear that you phone is broken. Maybe you can use an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox App Player to access your Revolut account.

Sounds like you have disabled the “ATM Withdrawal” security setting. This is the most likely reason.


Okay, thank you, I tried to connect to my friend’ phone but now she can’t connect because she changes her number, how can she does it ?


Hi Mmerloz,
So what after all in Madagascar, do the Malagasy ATMs give money with the Revolut card ? Thanks for your answer…


Hi, No if you have a mastercard, you can withdraw only in MCB bankomat. If you have a VISA you can withdraw everywhere.


@mmerloz : Thank you very much for your fast and precise answer.