I can't verify my identity


Hello. I am from Greece. I recently transferred 25 euros to my revolut account and it says that I need to verify my identity in order for the money to be transferred. But when I tried to do it it says something about requirements. Can you help me out?


Giea sou @spartan

No need to worry. I will initiate a chat so I can help you verify your account manually.


Andreas K.


I have sent you message via the in-app chat.



I too have problem with the process.
I follow the instruction and seems like the app goes into a loop
–I choose top up

  • Select method: bank transfer
  • activate account
  • verify identity
  • Country: Greece
    I have tried passport/driving license/ ID, I take photos as asked and then a selfie.
    After that I get asked to unlock the app (??) and I get send back to the select country menu. I tried several times but nothing changed…
    Any ideas?