I can't transfer/top up any money and support is offline


I left the UK yesterday morning to fly to Dubai, before doing so, I tested my Revolut card and topped up some money which worked fine. Since arriving in Dubai, I have tried topping up with more money which didn’t work, and also tried a bank transfer which hasn’t worked either. The money from the bank transfer has left my bank account but not credited my Revolut account. I have contacted my bank who can’t see any issues their end. My friend with me has done exactly the same thing and has all worked for him??


Ensure your device has a proper working Internet Connection. I was on board a cruise ship last week where it seemed the IT had blocked the port Revolute works on. (In Europe)

Whilst I had plenty of bandwidth for surfing the web or using social media (streaming was specifically denied) my device would not connect or update from the Rev servers.

I had to wait until I went ashore.

Maybe you are facing the same issues?


Hi @Kyle1012,

As I can see your transfer has reached your account. Bank transfers from UK accounts take up to 1 working days.


Andreas K.