I can't top up from my debit card


Hi! When I try to top up from my debit card, this message appears: “The payment could not be authorised”. My debit card is Mastercard Euro6000.

When I set up the app for fist time 3 days ago, I could top up two times using the same debit card, in order to pay the delivery of the Revolut physical card, and I had no problems.

Could you help me, please?


I have the same problem!
I used my debit card to top up, in order to pay the delivery of the Revolut physical card, with no problems.
ow it says that the same card isn´t supported!

Please, help.


Same problem here except that I tried to add card visa classic and mastercard standart. Does this app has region limitations.


I uninstalled the revolut app and then reinstalled. I have already been able to use my debit card to top up!


I’m having the same issue. Moved house a few months ago and changed address on the attached Card to Revolut, I kept getting a message stating ‘address doesn’t match’ when I tried to top up, even though they did match, the solution was to delete my card and reinstate the same card. Over the last few weeks Top ups to Revolut from that card has work.

However, now I try to top up to Revolut from that same card. A message comes up stating ‘payment cannot be authorised’, I’ve tried the same trick as before; tried deleting my debit card from Revolut and reinstating it, this hasn’t worked. I tried deleting the entire app, dowloading again and adding my card once more. But same message applies.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


I cannot top up the card from my MasterCard Could I please change the card to a laser card


How can I change the card I top up from


Try to talk to your bank about it. Sometimes they need to enable 3rd party security thing… for some transactions.

I had the same problem and my bank opened this option for me and now it is working fine.