I can't sign into my app!!


So I downloaded the revolut app and ordered my card. Then suddenly when I went to sign into the app one day it was as if my account had been wiped. It asks for my phone number and when I enter it says number invalid! My card has arrived and I can’t sign in to use it! Help!!



Sorry to hear there is a problem with access to your account.

Could you please send us private message together with your phone number associated to your Revolut account so we can take a look and help?




HI thanks for reply but can you tell me how to private message you please?


Could you please look into this problem for me I can’t seem to send you a private message!


It’s a recurring problem for new users. Eventually the blue Message button will show up whenever you click on another user’s name but for that to happen you have to clock up more posts, not sure how many.


Thank you, I’m going crazy trying to get through to these people :roll_eyes:


One can also tag someone like this @Sylwia to get ones attention if DM does not work (yet).


@Sylwia sent private message


@Sylwia Hi, I’m having difficulty in receiving a topup and nobody is answering from support or anywhere… can you please help? or ask someone to contact me? Thx


I have the same problem I can not log in to my phone (iPhone XS Max)
The application creates a new account.
I do not know what to do next
I can not contact the service department via the application.
Help please !!!