I can't see chat notifications


I don’t receive notifications for chat messages. Revolut support told me to activate them from my phone settings BUT Revolut doesn’t appear as an actionable app in the Notifications area of my iPhone. Any idea what to do?


Need to reinstall and click the ‘yes’ for notifications button when you’re prompted on the first launch.

Had the same experience as well. I clicked’ no’ initially and went searching around for an option to re-enable it but couldn’t find it.


Thank you. You’ve been more useful than their unresponsive customer service.


Hey @gioneg

Can you please try to log out and log back in the app?


Andreas K.


I have exactly the same issue - disable notifications at first and now - even though the app tells me to go to settings - the respective setting is missing…

Reinstalling help, but that’s not the way it should be… @Revolut - please remove this bug, I need to be flexible with the notification preferences!