I can't recharge with my card

I have problems when i want to recharge my account.
When I try, a message says that “there is a problem, try later”. But later, it’s the same.
I only success twice, and all other try failed.
How does it work, and what I did wrong ?

Thanks for your help,

Try logout and login back in :slight_smile:
Newest version off app ?

I have the version 4.13.1, and my phone doesn’t tell me to download an other.
I tried to re-log, but nothing better. :frowning:

Could it be that you are on Android 4.3? As of Revolut 4.14.1 it requires at least Android 4.4.

Not strictly related to your issue, but may I suggest to either upgrade your current phone to a more current Android version or get a new phone with such a version? The problem is you wont receive any further updates and any potential issues will not be fixed and at some point you might not be able to use Revolut at all.

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Thanks for your advice.
I’m going to buy a new phone, but not yet. And as I go to another country in a week, I’d hope my issue would be resolved without a new phone. :frowning:

I have already had this problem a month ago, but after some tries and a week, I succeeded.
But not now. :frowning:

Have you got in touch with Revolut’s support? In addition you could also message @anon33247966, maybe he could help out, though he isnt likely to reply before Monday.

At this point it is impossible to say if it is related to the older version you are running or to a general issue that would occur also with a current version.

As for your phone, which one is it? Have you checked if there is maybe an Android update available for it? If you are going to get a new phone, try to get one with at least Android 7 - Android 9 is already around the corner and will be released in a while.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:
I’ll try to tell the support.

My phone is an old one, and there is no more updating for Android.
I will try with my friend’s recent phone.

Hi there. Could you please make sure the app version is up to date? You can check the Google Play/App Store or delete then reinstall the app.

You were right ! My version is not the newest one. And with more recent version, I do recharge my account !

Thanks all for your help and your time. :slight_smile: