I can't reach the support and I need immediate assistance


Hello there,

I’m trying to contact the support team, but I’ve been waiting the last 3 hours! Any ideas what to do?


I have written you a private message!


Dear Larysa,
I have contacted by the app’s support a few minutes ago, thank you, we are trying to resolve the issue.


Same here, waiting for almost 3hours on both app chat and facebook


Dear Larysa, can I ask you something as I’ve been waiting at the chat for the last 5 hours?
My brother tried to send me some money from his business account but the transaction was rejected. The money were sent on the dollar’s account. Now I can see that salaries are accepted on the pound’s account.
If my brother send me money on the pound’s account, will it get through?


@larysa.stachowicz could you please please help me too? I’ve jut gone abroad, I tried to top it up and now I can’t get into the account… I tried to make a purchase and the card was declined. When I open the app it only says Pleaae let us keep your account saw and there is only one option to click on support. I tried talking to the support but no one has ever got back to me. Please help