I can't order physical card


I try to order a Physical revolut card. I had to 2 virtual cards. I delete, according some people from the community the result is the same. I make all steps screenshot

… Address…

oThere is 2 steps “View upgrade options” and “cancel”. Please, i would informed me, if i order physical card or not? I make the above steps three times, am i right?


What happens if you select Standard delivery or Express delivery? Or Is this a premium account? Obviously you can get free express delivery only as a premium account holder.


6€ card and 6€ shipping. You are maybe always stuck in the Premium Upgrade. The card is not free without Premium.


Now, did you try choosing “Standard delivery”, @dimoskozani?

I think this is your problem, plain and simple. If it’s not a promotion physical cards cost – and you can have 2 of them only.