I can't order my first card + no response on the chat


Id like to order my first physical card but my flat doesn’t appear in the list for the delivery address … Moreover, i still have no response on the support!! How can i get my card?


Oh no! Very sorry to hear that @mathilde. We can help, drop me a DM with your phone number associated with your account.


Andreas K.


can you help me too??? I have the same problem, my address is not on the list though all others in my post code are!


Sure I can help! Can you reach me via a direct message?


Same problem here. How do i dm you?


Nothing to worry about - I will send you a DM :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app :slight_smile:


Hello ,
I have a problem, I can’t change my living country in my profile. Because It was France now I am living in the U.K. as an au pair. For orders my card I have to change the country. How ??


Hi @Mariamas! Nothing to worry about. Please reach out our in-app support team and provide a proof of address of the UK new address.