I can't order first Virtual Card nor Physical Card


Hello there,
I’m new user and I can’t to order my first Revolut Virtual Card. Physical Card the same.
When I click on “Virtual” icon I got the message: “To order your Revolut card, you need to add money to youR account”. I topped up 10 GBP and 10 EUR, now I have over 18 GBP and the same problem.

I was trying already:

  • reinstall the app,
  • log out and log in again,
  • convert money to GBP, to EUR, to USD, to PLN,
  • top up more money,
  • ordering physical card (the same message as above),
  • successfully passed Verification,
  • contact with in-app suport,

nothing helps.



Try on a different phone, really weird issues lately in general. I just tried adding a virtual card and it was just fine.


Thank you for your reply. I tried on another phone (Sony Xperia M4) and has the same problem.


Maybe it’s a bug in android version. On iOS it works fine.


Maybe it’s Android app bug, I haven’t any iOS device now to check it there with my account.
@AndreasK, any idea?


Hey @Luc

Did you try to exchange from EUR to PLN as it’s your base currency and the try to order a card?


Hey @AndreasK, yes, I tried it already. I have right now over 30 PLN on my Revolt account.


I had to add more PLN on my account. 30.50 PLN was too less. In-app support said 25 PLN is enough but I think it should be minimum 48 PLN, because the price for physical card with standard delivery is 48 PLN.
Finally I created :r:evolt Virtual Card with 89 PLN balance on my :r:evolt account.

Thanks all for help.


Glad to hear it’s all sorted!