I can't open the application

Using Revolut for months without problems. But today, when I key my password, the application opens and closes immediately. What can I do to use the application ?

Hi there. Can you please delete and reinstall the app?

Hi there. This is a public forum, I would not post all my numbers here :wink:

Regarding the new number: make sure you’re using the latest version of the app. Then tap “changed phone number” from the welcome screen.

Hi, But I can’t used the welcome screen. The application crash immediately after its opening


Did I receive a code on my mobile phone when I reinstall the application ?

If yes, this code will be sent to a number that I have no more. I have a new phone number and I forgot to register it in the application.

help me please

On the welcome screen, tap “changed phone number”.

Hi @Laurentlam Were you able to change your phone number? If not, please send me a DM.

Yes Thanks you

The issue is sombre

Envoyé de mon iPhone