I can't log in with my password

Same issue here. Can’t login on a new device (mobile app) and the verification code doesn’t open in the app.

Same problem here. My code was rejected and now my phone number is not accepted and i can not login so i can not open chat for assistance.

Please, contact me!

Same issue here, can’t login at all. Keeps telling me that the passcode is wrong even using fingerprint…

I have had a nightmare trying to access my account and still do. My registered phone number is an Australian one but now I am back in England I tried to change it to my UK mobile and that’s when the nightmare began. Can anyone help?

Thanks issue resolved.


if at revolut when i register, the number or confirmation code is incorrect.

app already reinstalled same problem again

Hello, I don’t have access to my old number and don’t know the passcode, when I want to create new account it doesn’t let me, could you help me somehow?

anon33247966 (AndreasK) is a former staff member of Revolut that isn’t active anymore in this community, that is why his account is anonymised (“anon”).

Hello PoelieV, what if someone doesn’t have Facebook neither Twitter? I need help as well, in app I cannot do anything same here, not even create new topic

Can you access the web app? https://app.revolut.com/

If not, check the topic below for other ways to contact Revolut support. In this community there is no Revolut support, since this is a user community, so being able to create a new topic would not have helped you.


On Monday the 8th around midday I tried to open the Revolut application on my iPhone X.

Normally it takes me directly to my home account page but this time weirdly I got logged off

The application wasn’t even asking for my pin code instead I got asked to input my phone number like I was signing up / opening the app for the first time.

I tried logging in, inputing my phone number a few times but whenever they were asking for my pin code they were saying it was incorrect and not recognized…

I couldn’t connect no more… neither reset my password my account was locked up.

I felt powerless and didn’t know what to do… I went on my email account to see if I could reset my password …

When I opened my email box. I saw 6 emails from REVOLUT asking for authentication request and realised from different devices.

I hereby understood that something happened to my account and that someone tried to hack it or fish me to grant him access.

I then created a new account in order to contact your live chat customer service and informed them about my situation…

you can check with your team, many people have been trying to contact me but and they ask me to log off / log on and now i can’t even connect to neither of my accounts

This situation is affecting me greatly and I am asking you for your help.

I can’t use my account anymore and I feel like someone violated my privacy…

I would like from yourself to return me back the full access of my account and to send me a new REVOLUT card.

I expect a short resolution of this matter.

Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best regards

Romain Loriette

Thank you for your answer, im going to pass then. If they cannot give a clear support I am not willing to put my money here. The youtube tutorial doesn’t works, help centre almost doesn’t give any info

This is a user community. There is no Revolut support here.

Thanks PoelieV will check it out. Has someone else had the same issue ?

I have been having issues to log in, I am going in loop to try login, it says that I am Registered but I cannot remember the passcode /or it does not accept the passcode. The app is asking for me previous phone number which I put in, but then ask again for this passcode.

How can I reset the app with my device, start fresh or can Revolut help, tried contacting them on my friends phone but they said they need direct contact but I can’t seem to be getting anywhere. Please help

This is a user community. No Revolut support here.