I can't log in with my password

I have the same problem! I transferred money into my account yesterday and now it doesn’t recognise my pass code. The reset pass code email doesn’t work, deleting and re-installing the app has not worked so I can’t get into the app to contact anyone to sort this out.

i would like someone from Revolut to contact me to sort this out please. I have a transaction pending that I need to sort out.

Dear Revolut,


I have forgotten my password to the Revolut app and my fingerprint has failed to work. I tried to get a verification code by sms, but first I did not get any code. When I have tried to resend the code numerous times I have finally get one but the application said something went wrong, try again later. I can not log in since monday.
Please help!

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I have same problem. Can’t reset password

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Hi there, my wife had same problem as you all: cannot login for 2 days, meanwhile my account was working normally and i also transferred a big amount.
After we contact by FB the support, today 18 march the account is working properly, everything solved.
I did this post just for make feel better you all, to keep calm for a bit. We had the worst 2 days ever because we are changing Country and my wife had all her savings in Revolut.
REVOLUT if you want to be a online bank, should improve your IT team and Assistance team.

Also having same issue, updated the operating system on my iPhone now locked out.

Hello Same exact problem today!
The code is corect but impossible de login…

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I have the same problem… did you fix it? It freezes and then goes back to put the number to recover the password…

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hello mate , can you help me please? I have same problem with my password from account, isn’t working. I reinstalled the app again and doesn’t working… I have iPhone 7 and iOS 13.4.1. but I forgot pin. After entering my phone number and pushing link "forgot’ I receive the e-mail but after that I have got message“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Any suggestions or solutions? Please help me. Thanks you

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Hi I still have the same issue.

Deleted app updated phone tried a different phone still nothing.
Customer support sucks big time.
Been over 2 weeks NOW!!!

I’m having the same issue. I can’t login. It says the password is incorrect but it’s the same password I’ve been using since ever.

Hi @AndreasK,

I’m having a few problems with my Revolut account. I’ve recently moved to the Uk from Australia.

I was made aware of all the extra function provided in the UK so I was told by Revolut support team to close my account and reopen in the UK.

I’m now stuck on the phone number screen below. When I enter my passcode I get the error ‘something went wrong, try again’

Please help, Harry

me too!!! please help. and no one send me message.

Same problem as above, I have updated iOS this morning, when I opened the Revolut app I wasn’t asked to log in with the fingerprint but only with the passcode. I requested a reset, received the email, put the last digits of my card and I was told that they were wrong. I was asked to take a selfie with the ID card and after that I was sent to a blank page which was meant to be the chats

hello @AndreasK
my old phone died and I have no access to it right now. installed revolut on a new phone with the same number and now it says that it’s sending me an email for activation, yet nothing is received.

This seems the only way to get support.
I’m unable to access my app since I changed my phone.
Login ask a pins code which won’t work (I always use the same one). Resetting via email (through cell number) will just lead back to Pin request…

I also cant login on the app

Hello, i also have problem with logging, im using my number and password then i get message ’ something went wrong, please tryb again later ’ and i have no clue what’s going on

Same here guys - I am unable to login. My app kicked me out automatically. Now it is telling me my account is empty and I need to sign up, and I actually have money inside the account, stock trading balance, savings etc.

If someone could help, that would be much appreciated.

Changed phone but stuck in loop with password issues. Won’t accept my number and not received any reset emails either. Please help me.

I receive a code with 6 digit not 4 like this for example : 123-456

And on the App the code I must give is 4 digits…

It’s been one hour now I am spendind on this, how can I connect to my account? I need my IBAN.

Thank you for your help