I can't log in with my password

Hi, i need help. I have problem with login to my account. I tried to reset password by email. Every time when I tried to do that I have error in app like there is mistake you can’t do it right now

not even 1 second indeed. And now it does not accept my phone number anymore…

Thank you, I try to connect from the application on my smartphone. It’s impossible because they ask for a 4 digit code or PIN, then you have to go back to ask for auth code, then a new page appears asking for the 6 digit auth code and then disappears after 2 or 3
seconds. It goses back to the 4 digit PIN code. It’s just not possible

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I have exactly the same problem. It sends my security notification to an old and unused address. I cannot get back to the password page to enter my code. I have been locked out for over two weeks and cannot find anyone to consult with on this!

Hi there! I am having trouble logging in to my account. It says my phone number or passcode is incorrect. Please help me! I can’t reach anyone . I tried calling but the call center was useless and there is no help center before logging in the app

Hello guys,

Same issue as most of you here, I can access Revolut App with my iPad, but not with my phone as it doesn’t recognize my password

I’ve been in touch with more than 20 people at revolut to handle my case, tried to reboot, redownload, re re re everything, still nothing got fixed. I receive the same error message as most of you

And today; I received the best reply from,revolut :

« I have reviewed the case and I’m very sorry about this experience. I have received the final response from our special team on this matter. I am afraid that there is no option to use the Revolut app on this device at the moment. I totally understand that it can cause you a lot of troubles, and I am really sorry about it. I want to reassure you that this issue has been escalated even upper and unfortunately, there is no solution on our side for this case. However, I want to give you as much reassurance as possible that we take such cases very seriously and are working hard on improvement. I really appreciate your time here, especially given the situation »

Lost around 10h of back and forth With their team to receive this deceiving news… no next steps, no timeline (no commercial gesture?)

Looking forward to getting an update from someone

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The same problem is happening to me, the app doesn’t recognize my phone number anymore, I get the message “an error has occurred, try again later”.
I then tried to click on “I don’t have access to my phone anymore”, wrote my phone number and I had to tape a password. But it doesn’t work, I go back to the previous page with the message “phone number or password incorrect” !

Please help, I don’t have access to the chat, and I tried to contact revolut with their phone number but looks like it’s not working !

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi , I keep trying to log in and it says something has gone wrong and I need access to my bank account , what do I do ? It’s very urgent .

Obviously, this is a lay association with insufficient IT skills and an - in this standard case - incompetent advisory group!

Same issues I have - the PIN I used the app does not accept. This is since the 7x update 1 month ago. Today there was another update I installed - DID NOT FIX IT!!! The “forgot passcode” option does not work at all, giving all sorts of errors like “your identity check has failed”, then if I go with “submit a selfie - “we are sorry, something has gone wrong” Please try later”
I can’t believe this is still not resolved.

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Can I get some help please, I am leaving for a foreign country really soon and I absolutely need my revolut account back !
Every help or advice is accepted !

Hello, I have the same issue when i type my password it says error and i can’t login. I can’t reset it either. What should i do ?

Thank you

Hi AndreasK,
I’m having similar issue :(. I broke my phone today and changed phone and put my old sim card in.
Tried logging into my revolut after verifying my account which seemed to work fine. But now later in the evening I was told that my password is incorrect which makes me extremely afraid that someone hacked my account and sent my moneyout before I will be able to come back into my account again. I couldnt reset my password becuase It froze on the reset password screen. Then when I tried resetting again I was asked to send photo with ID which I have now. But waiting for answer ASAP :(. So nobody hacks my account :frowning:

I have similar problem.
I can’t log in. I enter the PIN which I’m almost sure it’s correct but the wheel just keep spinning.
So I tried reset the PIN, went trough the steps till I was asked to reenter the PIN, retype the new PIN and nothing happened. Tried reset again asked me about the last amount top upped but I can’t remember bc it was refund from seller and it was in January. Tried again asked for selfie and ID…

I also tried logging into my Revolut card and my passcode is not recognized. I’m trying to reset the passcode and when I enter my phone the system responds with “ A verification code cannot be created”

Can someone from Revolut team help?
I cannot contact or get any support unless in access my card thru the App which is impossible right now

Same here,

Tried to register, all seemed fine. Had to enter my PIN-code; didn;t except
Tried it over nothing. Did forget password; followed it all the steps; had to register from the start.

Now it won’t even let me registrate through the app;

“The verification code or phone number you entered is incorrect”

Can anyone help me out?!

I tried today too and it wrote “application not installed” (wtf?)
So I uninstalled, reinstalled, went trough the authentication process and everything seems ok now.

I tried again today to reset my passcode and I have the exact same issues. I hope someone from Revolut can help us.

Hello, yesterday I tried to login to the app, something I haven’t done in a while.
When inserting the pin code I got the never ending spinning loading thing. Today tried to do the same and got the same result.
Decided I’d try to reset my pin code, sent the email with my selfie and document and got the answer email to redo my pin code. When trying to do it, after the confirmation step, I get the message “Unable to confirm scoped signin”
What can i do?

For me worked reinstalling the app.