I can't log in with my password


hello. Today I tried to log in to my account but I couldn’t do it. Is there a problem?


No apparent problem today. What error do you get?
Make sure you have internet connectivity.


When I put my password in order to sign in it won’t allow me to do it.


Just to be clear: by password you mean the PIN code right?

From the FAQ:

Forgot your password? No problem, it’s really easy to reset. On the main page where you enter your 4-digit code to get into the app select ‘Forgot?’. Enter your mobile number, then select ‘Reset Password’. You will be asked to enter your last top-up amount to Revolut accurate to the cent/pence (e.g. £200.00/€200.00), or the last 4 digits of a top up card that you’ve added to the account. If you can’t remember just check your bank statement. Then you should be able to change your 4-digit passcode.

If you just somehow can’t type the password, try re-installing the app. If that still doesn’t work, let us know.


hello. I did what you said but even after I put the new password I get black screen and then it sends me back to the sign in page.


Alright, please wait until @AndreasK comes around, or contact them directly on twitter https://twitter.com/RevolutApp (they are usually very efficient)


Make sure to use the latest version of the app.


Hi there. Are you able to send me a direct message?


Hello. I have just reinstalled the app and it works fine now. Thank you.