I can't instal, the app


I tried to install the application but I never got the code by sms.I press resend few time but nothing.After some time i get the message “we’re sorry,something has gone wrong.Please try later”.I try to reinstall app and the same.What can i do?


If your based location is not in the EEA or Switzerland, you will not be able to use Revolut as of their terms.


I am from Romania. Revolut workin in Romania.


Might be a temporary glitch in their system atm. I would try again in a few hours and if it is still not working try to contact a moderator on this forum


Have you tried to tap this?

Then you’ll be able to choose another firm of verification:


Are you using iOS or Android? And the latest updates? There is difficulty with Revolut not supporting some of the older platforms.


Follow the regulations and all will be well, i have top’ed up a couple of thousand euros and used the card a lot during the last year, once the payment network was down for a few hours. That is all the trouble i have had.

People trying toping up their account using other peoples cards is probably the #1 reason behind angry posts like yours.


All its ok with my phone,i have android 7 up to date and so on .I think the problem isnt with me its with this start -up!The problem its this app its outdated.Too many people and they dont have financial and human resources to menage that.Maybe this card its good for shopping on the internet but i think its too risky to put your holiday money on this card.What do you do if you go on holiday during the weekend and after landing you have surprise your Revolut card its locked or the server its down .This strat-up need time to grow-up ,but i be onest i dont i dont wanna grow-up on my nervs.Have a nice days!


Thx mate.I think you have right!too many people who complain.Kind regards .


Hi there. Did you manage to get in your account?


I quit, its too risky.

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