I can't choose revolut card in Paypal wallet


I have a revolut card added on Paypal and it’s verified. But when i want to pay for product i can only choose my bank debit card, not revolut. Even if i add a revolut in wallet i still can’t choose this card. does anyone know why?



I can’t tell you why, but I can confirm that it is possible to pay using PayPal with Revolut card linked to this. I have two Revolut’s cards and I am able to choose which one will be used.


Try to check here
Settings-Manage preapproved paymets-Set available funding sources
and while you’r at it change the conversion rate to be converted by card issuer not paypal (has to be done for each card separately)


Did you successfully confirm you card within PayPal?


If you are asking me- yes, both my Revolut cards.