I can't change my mobile number

I’m trying to change my mobile number on my account in the profile. But I’m unable to anyone got any ideas

You can contact support and they’ll do it for you :slight_smile: I recommend using Twitter (@RevolutApp) or Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp

Please check FAQs for the procedure:

How can I edit my profile details?

Go to the ‘More’ sectin of our app, tap ‘Profile’ and then ‘Personal details’. Here you can change your name, address, phone number, email and passcode for the app. Just click on the relevant field and enter the new information.

If you edit your phone number, you’ll need to tap ‘log out’ at the bottom of the ‘Profile’ page and log in with your new mobile number to verify it.

Please note, once you have verified your identity you won’t be able to change your name and date of birth in the app.If you need to make any changes just message us on the in-app support. You will need to verify these changes - for example with a marriage certificate.

Hello @Priesty,

Did you get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter?


Andreas K

Hi Frank,

In the "profile " -> “Personal Details” i can only change address, phone number and email.
there is NO option to change name!!. As when create the app i only enter first and last name.
In order to sent to Coinbase i must also have my middle name too , to match my coinbase name.
Can you show me how to edit name please.


Hey @dangnguyen :slight_smile:

You need to get in touch with support (More -> Support -> live chat -> type live agent) to get your name changed :wink: