I can't change my address to verify

I registered Revolut account still not verify address in Vietnam. Now I move to Finland and have rental agreement but I can’t change my address to verify. Please help me or give me the contact of the support team so I can find a way to verify my address. Thanks


Hello @EdwardVan Welcome to the community. :wave:

We’re sorry to hear about this :frowning_face: You will not be able to directly change your address through the app.

To give you some background, certain countries lie within certain entities/jurisdictions. Each entity has a different legal requirement, hence it is not possible to change the address to another jurisdiction without undergoing the verification of that specific entity.

The next steps to take are as follows:

  • Terminate this account
  • Open a new account with the new address
  • Enjoy your new account with the correct address

You can contact us via in app chat - Go to Profile → select Help → select a topic → choose an article → if that doesn’t help with your query → Chat with us

Hope this helps. :pray:

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