I cant access my account ! I'm premium need support !

Hello, I changed my phone number recently and I cant access my account, the appchat doesnt recognize that I’m premium since the support is offline for me, I need to access my account NOW to get money topped up on my card N O W, not in 2 or 3 days but absolutely NOW.

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I paid for 24/7 support only ! It was the only interesting thing, why did I cant talk to someone?

I’m still in the street waitin for an answer, thanks to my computer to be with me.

Ok nice 24/7 support, I’m still waitin.

Really ? So I’m gonna spam this board

Something hard started

Hey there, incredibly sorry for the delay. Did you reach support?

Hello @larysa.stachowicz I have the same problem - can not access my account although I have my phone number and passcode. Please, let me know how I can get in touch with support team.

Several ways to contact Revolut are mentioned here:

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ive been locked out my account since friday ive fully verified myself after loosing my phone so what the hell is going on. its been nearly 24 hours without reply on the chat i i am a metal user also this is unacceptable.