I cannot verify identity

Hello, have you resolved your problem? Because i got the same one And I dont know how to manage it.

Hi, I cannot verify my account either!

Have the National ID send the back and front picture of it. The I send the selfie and after 2 hours max on each try I receive a mail that its.not possible to verify my account.

Have tried more than 5 times.

Any help here please? :blush:

The exact reply that I keep on receiving is this:

“We’re really sorry, but we couldn’t verify your identity this time around. Please give it another ago, making sure that you have adequate lighting and that your photo is clear.”

But both sides of ID are really really clear and of course the selfie. My ID picture is some years ago, could this be a problem?
App - chat is not appearing anywhere at all.

I’m stuck there days now.

Can someone help me with issue in order to open finally my account?

Thank you :blush:

Hi, I cannot verify my account either!I have tried about 15 times,I send my passport and driving licence.But everytime I get the same answer

Have tried more than 15 times.

Any help here please?

Not here … try social media (twitter/facebook).

please help, im old revolute user! 1 month ago revolute asked me for the new id verification. I waiting totally 1 week for the verification. Please help!

I’m having the same problem. I can’t verify identity and withdraw my money. Please contact me anyone.

Hi, I cannot verify my account either!I have tried about 5 times with my id card.
But everytime I get the same answer

Any help here please?

I have the same problem
I tried 6 times

I have tried at least 4 times now with a brand new valid passport, why this is not being accepted.


I also can’t put documents on the app it just spins but nothing happens … it just stands

Hey all, similar problem here. Switched devices recently and now I cannot verify my identity! Possible issue is that I have changed also documents. Could you please help me here. Do I need a new account??? please help me in here.


Hi there!
Im having trouble with verifying my identity. Im currently living in the U.S on a B1 visa and and when i try to verify my visa and passport it wont accept it?
anyone have any advice?

I’ve got this problem too. I put my ID in but then it gets denied a few hours later. I’ve tried passport and drivers license. It’s been months now. I’m also finding it impossible to contact Revolut.

i tried to open an revolut account when i was under 18 and i think my account got banned.Now im 18 years old ,can i verify again my identity please?

I have been trying all day to verify my identity and the site either will not load or will not do anything after I have tried to upload a selfie. It doesn’t help when a text says I have until tomorrow otherwise my account will be terminated

Hi, I have a problem with verification after reinstalling the app.
It wants me to verify with a selfie but the camera turns on only for 1 second and it goes blank, I cannot do anything.
Please help me.

I’m having the same issue. I set up a UK account when I still had my US number and put money in it, but still haven’t received my BRP so I can’t verify my identity nor log back into my account, since my phone number and documents won’t match! please can anyone help?

They asked me to renew my id, I did and still can’t verify it.

I have a similar issue.

I had my account verified years ago, and I’ve been using my the app monthly for some cash transfers, then suddenly my application asks to verify my ID again (I don’t know if it’s a bug or something, but I’ve been using the app regularly.)

I have no problem with that, I upload my face, my ID card once more, the app says - “We’re verifying your identity, please come back later! We’ll send you a notification shortly.”

But the problem is that it’s been 5 days. Nothing is happening. I cannot access my account, nor in-app support system.