I cannot verify identity

My app hangs on the Verify button, when i press it, nothing happens which is wierd.

@AndreasK hello, I need a little help because I can not verify my identity, I sended a few times but still nothing, i’m from another country but live in Greece as a student for few years, was I see everything is okey at my application only this thing I can’t fix it and I have already put money on and can’t use them,I saw that you can help so please if you can send me and tell me, Thanks in advance

@andreask Hello I tried to register several times for the past few months but ‘they’ say there is a problem. Today I got to the point to write my address and it is saying that I have an account, please give me some directions…

@AndreasK Hello!
So a few years ago i tried to register on the revolut app, but i was underaged. I think i completed the registration process, except the id wasn’t verified. Now I am 18 and am trying to register again, but the app just opens a page saying they’re verifying my identity and will send me a notification briefly, but it’s been like that for a few weeks now and still nothing. Please help! I can’t reach the in-app support because I can’t do anything with the app at all. There’s already money in the account.:frowning:
Thank you!

Hey there I can’t verify my identity as well. Tried several times with different docs like passport and National Id without any succes
I tried to contact you via twitter but there is no response neither

Please help!!!

Hi! I have tried to contact you trough the complaint for and also chatted before with support through the app but I can not access anything now. It says I have to verify my identity but the button does not work. i am stuck on the same screen. Tried deleting the app and even another phone but nothing works. So stuck on that screen. Updated the app yesterday and still the same thing. What can I do to solve this?

When I want to verify my identity by uploading my documents, I get an error that says “You must be 18 to use our service”

I have the same problem if someone can help me please. I recently turned 18 so i decided to open a revolut account. Added 50 RON in the account and i can’t verify my identity because it says that I have to be 18 years old but I am and can’t take pic of the ID

Hi, I just received a similar email asking me to update my passport details but without a link to click on and nothing within the dashboard section of the app. At first, I thought it may be a spam, but I can see here I am not the only one in that situation. Did you manage to update your ID through the app? If so, could you please tell me how?

Many thanks!

I’m struggling with the same problem. I tried everything, deleting the app, deleting the data, and I even tried deleting my account because I wanted to create a new one because of this, and I tried changing my birthday date even thought I’m more than 18, but it just doesn’t let me do anything, and it’s really annoying… Does anybody know how to fix this?

Alguém pode me dizer os documentos necessários para a identificação de conta?

@AndreasK i have a problem with my account, i just was logged off and ask for verify my identity but i cant submit any of the documents revoluts require and i cant talk by the chat app, i have a lot of money hold in my account and i dont know what to do, i just need to move my money and then you can close the account.


Hi @AndreasK
I cannot pass verification with id card, please suggest what’s wrong?

Hi, can you please provide some help? Everytime I try to transfer money I get the message to “verify your identity” but when I tap on it nothing happens, the app goes back to the homepage.

Thank you very much.

does anybody here how to reach a Revolut customer service without the app?, Revolut is holding a money in my account and i cant log in because a verification problem, so i cant use the chat, can anybody help me?


@AndreasK - I have tried to verify my I D 7 or 8 times only to have the same request pop up again days later. I am given no feedback as to what the issue is - passport and selfie go through fine only to be rejected later with no explanation as to why. Please can this be resolved as very frustrating.

Hi, I’m suffered from the failure of verification. But it’s a bit different reason.
I’m Japanese living in Japan. They only accepts three types verification as below.
But I don’t have my number card, I have my number notification paper only.
I asked them , but they didn’t replay.

(I could find any appropriate active thread. Sorry for disturbing.)

I thought every Japanese has that card?

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Could you not use a drivers licence?

Alternatively maybe you could contact local government on getting a number card?

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We have either my number notification paper or physical my number card.
I applied to get a physical one but due to the COVID-19 I have to wait for at least 2 months to receive the card…

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