I cannot verify identity


I would like to recover my account in the app, but can not get the verification email. There is no option to get the verification code via sms. So now I got stuck in the verification process… please help.

I managed to login into the web/browser version of Revolut where I can chat with support - they could change the email address where Revolut sends verification emails. For that I have to make a selfie with the ID.

I have the same problem. I sent countless photos and documents but still no change. at the moment i don’t have access to my account . this is so fucked up. Can someone fix this already?

Hi. I deleted the application from Revolut, and when I entered it again it made me create a new account. I put all the data again and for two days it’s at 60%. by email I receive “you already have an account with us, write us on chat, when I press I enter the application where I can only create a new account, without any chat box. please help. I mention that since the last Login on the application I have also changed the number and the phone. Please help me. i dont know how to open the app or or who to call or how to access the account. I also didn’t manage to get the pin so I could activate the card. thank you

I am having the same issue. Have sent all the required documents 4 times, and after a couple of days the same error comes back. It is really confusing.

Same issue here.
I have started creating my account and the Identity Verification is stuck at 60%.
That is very annoying from what I was expecting a “revolutionary” system. Is like being back in the '80s :frowning: :frowning:

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10 days ago was my 18th birthday, but the app doesn’t let me verify my documents, does anyone know why?
Thanks in advance

I can’t verify my identity. I’ve shown my passport and sent a selfie but it says verification failed. I think my date of birth is wrong on my account… maybe that’s it? Need help please as I have money in the account but I can’t even go passed the verification screen

Account verification stuck at 60%. Please, try to resolve this or point out to someone who can do it. I’ve scaned the document and did a selfy as required.

it is taking ages to verify my personal information.

@anon33247966 waiting for the verification of my personal information

Hi, I can’t present my identity, he says I’m not 18 years old, although I have already reached this age, since November 24, 2002, I mention that I encountered the problem that it was already an account opened on my phone name. how can i solve.

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i have the same problem, since november 23rd

Hi, I have this problem as well…

I cannot use the APP, everytime I login I et the “your account is under verification 60%” its been like this for weeks

I cant even open chat support because I cant use the app at all

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I can’t verify my id also. I have sent it multiple times.

you should contact support directly

Hi Robos thx for your reply. How can i contact support?

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hello I cant check my identity because i cant use my camera. So the app is blocked since october I cant even reach someone in chat app to get help. how can I check my identity? this is quite urgent

Hello, I need to verify my account via an identification but i can’t because when i choose which option i want it says that i need to be 18. (I am 18.) So i can’t verify that im 18 because the app says im not 18.

Computer says: No.

For the thousandth time: Contact :r: via social media (links on their homepage).