I cannot verify identity

I am stuck at verifying identity. Can someone help?

I’ve been trying for a few weeks to verify identity for Revolut business account.
2 Directors verified without a problem but the other 2, nice clear passport or ID or driving licence - nothing doing and I can’t open the account.
Please advise

Interesting that on the 10th November tells me everything ok and then on the 12th November tells me you have to go through the identification procedure again.
Can someone take care of the app/procedure/system ? Or send communications to understand the situation ?

Hi even me. I created an account when I was underage 17year old so I couldn’t verify the identity. last month I turned 18. Now when I enter my passcode of revolut it automatically takes me to verify my identiy and every option I click on passpor,Id card etc it says that I am underage and cannot upload .

Any help pls as I have 50euros in the account and can’t access them! I have just emailed revoult but nor feedback was given.

Thanks in advance

I have the exact same problem

My money is stuck in my account because I don’t have my visa yet, so I can’t very my identity and my app doesn’t open if I don’t verify my identity first. It would be nice to have my money back. Thanks.

i have the same issue

When the app asks, take two pictures from every sides of your ID document. Then wait a couple of day that the enterprise verifies it. Don’t worry, it’s just a routine process. Be patient :slight_smile:

I cannot verify my indentity, nor message a person here, so that is the reason why i’m replying to this thread. The app does not let me verify myself, it dont matter what I do. Please get back to me, it is urgent.



I just downloaded the Revolut app and going through the set up process, I messed up and selected the US as my county of residency while I live in Spain. Obviously, I don’t have an American passport nor any document to verify that I live in the US (because I don’t) and the app won’t let me go back to change my country of residency. Can anyone help me?


I also have problems verifying my identity, my camera is broke and its too blurry. Is there a way i can send you my verification pictures ?
Kind Regards,


Can’t verify my identify. Can’t access to my money. I submitted all the infos. No feedback from the chat for weeks. I need this money urgently.

Pleaseeeeee someone help :tired_face::sob:
I heard you could help. Is there anything you can do?


I have the same problem.
I can’t validate my identity.
Please help me!

Best regards!

Hello, i forgot my pin to the app but when I clicked to forgot password I fail at the ID verification. I tried it at least 5 times but now even the photo option is not reachable. Can enyone help in this?

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Hello, I have the same problem, can you explain how did you fix it ?

Hello, I have the exact same problem. Leaving this comment here to get updates on how to fix that. Is there any way to speak to a Revolut representative outside the app?

Will anyone read this? Can anyone provide possibility to contact support team?

Hello I have an issue. I was chatting with support team for my surname change and after i uploaded photo of the passport and my selfie now everytime i open Revolut app I see 60% loaded and i cant to anything. I get otifications about messages from the support, but I am unable to oen them, answer or what ever. Could you help?

i have same problem, the app said that a have over 18, but i have… i can t reach support, because the screen with verify the identity show everytime
please somebody contact me on email