I cannot verify identity

My app is stuck on “Verifying your identity” for months now…

I cannot verify and have been unsuccessful in doing so for about 2 week

I have a very similar problem, I had tried to do my account before I was 18 since I didn’t know you had to be 18 to have one. But now i am 18 and when i click try again to verify my Identity it shows this screen and doesn’t let me provide pictures of my new ID or press anything else.

Unfortunately I also have the same issue. I’m with Revolut more than a year and have not had this issue before. However I already submitted passport photo plus selfie 3 times now in the last few weeks and it keeps reminding to verify identity.
It’s the same passport as used before, so I don’t understand the issue, as no feedback is actually given.

Hello Revolut Community,
I have been trying to verify my ID for a couple of days already and it always says that they are not able to do it and I do not understand why. I tried to activate a chat on the app but it always says that there are ‘high volumes’, hence I do not know how to proceed. I just do not want my account to get cancelled due to the Brexit. Please help!

Hi. Did you get verification of your identity? I’m having same issue.

Hello, same problem that I can’t verify my identity but I’m missing my birthday date and I couldn’t go back to fix it

Anyone know how to register from the first step?

Revolut always logs in with these registration parameters and is listed under “Image Verification”, but the data is not the same.

Thank you for your answers.

Hello, i have a problem to create my account, i tried to verify my identity with my ID card, still cannot for no reason, i did a mistake, i trying with my Driver license. 20 h ago, and still no processing and i can’t try to verify my identity with my ID card cause it was blocked at 60 % and the application said “We verify your identity”, still any ideas ? I

I’ve tried multiple times to verify my account with my national identity card and driver’s license.
I can now no longer log into the app to try again with my passport. Revolut, please can you help.

Hi, I am a new customer and now waiting two days for verification. The app says the process is on 60%? What should I do?

Same problem since last night! I’ve tried everything from logging in from a different device to changing my passcode 4 times and the result is a big fat nothing!! I have been talking with a live agent since this morning and we are just repeating the same steps over and over again!

For one month now I tried to validate identity.

Today I could not login.

Anyone knows an email so I can be validated manually… this is impossible… I have done it more than 20 times.

Please contact me!

Same here, no email address, no support until you verified the identity. You should be able to send an email at least if you get stuck.

Not a very good first impression of this app I must say, it was recommended to me by someone but now I am not sure if I will use it

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please take a look at my account , I have submitted the picture with my ID but I’m not getting any kind of response from Revolut. I’m stuck at login screen , asking for the PIN .

Same problem here as most of you guys. Trying to verify my identity with both a national ID and a driver’s licence but after a few hours i get a message that verification failed. Perfectly sharp and viewable photos too.

No way to access the app and the in-app chat. What am i supposed to do?

I have tried to verify my identity several times over the past weeks, both with a driver’s license and my passport. The verification never succeeds! I keep getting these reminders to verify my identity. Please get back to me and fix this bug.

Revolut just got back to me via the FB messenger, and told me they dont accept IDs that have handwritten information, even though they are officially issued.

Dear all,
do you know if revolut is answering to emails?
I’m waiting since 02.11 for an identity process and no feedback.
Looks strange to place my money through a company who is not answering.
Looking forward for a reaction

Hello, My Identity is not accepted in the App.
Im Dutch and have a Dutch Passeport and I live in Paris I have a French adresse and phone.
It says everytime, we can not verify your identity… What can I do???
Please help me!
Thank you