I cannot verify identity

I have had a verified revolut account in the past. A month ago, the app reminded me to verify my account again.
I tried it 3x (both with my passport and ID), and now I’ve been waiting for more than 2 weeks, and the app reminds me that they still have to verify my account. What to do??

This is a load of balls! Does anybody EVER answer here?!! I’ve tried for months to verify my account but nothing is accepted, not my drivers license or passport! Wtf is going on???

If you can access it, you can try contacting them via in-app chat.
Or via social media:

Revolut thinks I’m Spanish, but I’m actually Canadian. It insists I submit a Spanish residence document, even though I’ve changed by Nationality to Canadian. Can’t get to customer support because I can’t get past the Verify Identity screen in the app.

I can’t even open an account, clear passport picture uploaded and keeps saying I can’t be verified.
Only other option is State ID card that most of us actually don’t have.

Same here, I am unable to verify my account. I have uploaded my spanish NIE multiple times but the app is still unable to verify my identity.

Please help

I have the same problem, i even send a cash to my revolut account. Right now it keeps telling me that i am not 18 years old, when i want to verify my identity. I keep trying for half a year til this day. After i type the pin code into the application it transfers me into verification page. When i choose one of the three options of verification, it keeps telling me i am not older than 18 years. I am 18 years for more than a year right now. I just want to login into the app and order a card, so i can use it in the future. Can somebody help me please? I don´t know what to do…

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I cannot verify my identity. Every time I log on in the account it wants to verify it but when I chose how to verify it is saying that I must be 18 yeas old and I am older theb 18.

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I also have the same problem, it won’t even let me into the app to contact the help centre

Hello, i already tried to verify my Id for revolut, but it always says it cant be verified. So my card says it ends in 14 of june 2020. But because of covid, all cards in portugal are valid till 30 of october 2020. Its because of that that my id cant be verified? Help me please

I’ve tried several times identification, the only logical explanation is that the system rejects them. Really. And the thing that pisses me off is that you’re forced to take a picture of your ID, you can’t just upload it. So if you have an old camera you’re just doomed.

That’s for security reasons. They make sure that the person logged into the app is in possession of this specific ID at the moment of verification. Try bright daylight, under good lighting conditions even crappy smartphone cameras should be able to take sufficient photos.


I’ve recently tried to open my Revolut account on the day of my 18th and they did not accept my card (my mistake.)

However, now I can’t do anything as its always saying I have to be 18 years old.

Do I have to wait it off and if so, how long?

I have a similar frustrating issue .no matter how i take the photo of my license i get a message to say it might be blurry,i have tried several times with both my phones and i get the same :frowning:

My identity verification it stuck at 60% and I can’t confrim my account. What can I do more? @AndreasK

Hello Revolut community,
I have tried to verify my identity many times as well but all my tries have resulted in the same message “We couldn’t verify your identity”
I am not doing something wrong, I keep taking clear photos withing the app and it’s getting kinda frustrating seeing this message every time. I hope there is a fix for it since I’m trying to open this account for business purposes and all this is dragging me behind.

Hi Team, I am having an issue with my identity verification. I’m residing in Ireland and am yet to renew my visa stamp. Due to the COVID situation, there is a delay in giving appointments with the immigration office. But, the government has extended expiry date of current stamp holders till 21st Jan 2021. So, till the time I renew my visa, I will not be able to verify my identity. Kindly help what can be done with this situation.

I’m experiencing exactly the same problem. I also send my money to the account and now I can’t verify. There’s also no way to contact you since the online chat is in-app only and I can’t pass the verification.

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I cannot verify my identity. I can get the app to accept my Irish Age Card and then it will begin processing the card but always ends up telling me “We are sorry, we couldn’t verify your Id” and asks me to try again.

I have tried with 2 different national state identification cards and the same thing happens.
I have already got money on my account and i want it back so someone please help me!


I don’t seem to be able to post a question so replying here. Existing user but my phone’s selfie camera is broken and I cannot verify myself. I reset my phone trying to fix the camera. All suggestions seem to say upload a photo from another source. But there is no upload option.

How can I get in to my account?