I cannot use my money from Revolut to topup my eToro account


Some statements first:

  • I trust Revolut app whenever i pay on the web. That’s why I was planning on using it everywhere.
  • I use eToro for trading.


  • I cannot deposit funds on eTore from Revolut. It gives an “merchant” denied error message.

Now this sucks big time, since I will be getting USD from eToro and plan on spending them as EUR using Revolut.

I assume this limitation is due to some sh**** legal rules, but it sucks nonetheless since both eToro and Revolut validated my identity and the source of the money deposited.

Solutions? Are there any?

Thank you!


Can’t you send your EUR to eToro via bank transfer instead of a card payment?


@NFH i wanted to use Revolut since it’s super easy to convert USD/EUR/RON. Now this stupid restriction … which will force me to do double conversion EUR=>USD=>EUR … => RON

Stupid restrictions for no real reasons.


Not that this was warned beforehand…


@Juliopp well … who reads TOS nowadays :slight_smile: ?

PS: not the end of the world, i’ll still have to keep my bank EUR card and accept 2-3% exchange fees …


Why not send the EUR from Revolut to eToro via bank transfer? Revolut gives you a EUR bank account, which you can use to send SEPA payments in EUR easily.


@NFH well, i’m pretty sure if they have declined the merchant via CC, that’s also be declined via bank transfer. That … and the facted that I wanted to trade in 5-10 minutes, instead of tomorrow or the day the transfer settles.

No biggie … just made VISA & my bank happy with an extra small fee …


No, bank transfers should be fine. But I think I read somewhere that the EUR account is not sending direct SEPA payments just yet, but they’re being still sent through TheCurrencyCloud.
Let me check :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: no, I must be mistaken :slight_smile: Bank transfer should be good


That’s a non-sequitur. Unlike merchant types for card payments, destination bank accounts don’t show a merchant type to the payer or the payer’s bank, only an IBAN. So there would be no basis for rejection. The strict rules that apply to card payments, partly to cover the scope for reversal, don’t apply to bank transfers, which are final.


Learn something everyday, thank you @NFH