I can’t Pay dithyrambique m’y card

Hi,In advance sorry for my english. I have a big problem with my visa card. I can’t pay the gazoil. I have this message « the merchant are not supported ».

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Hey Yydu

Some merchants are not supported by Revolut. This includes unmanned petrol stations. However you can still pay with your Revolut card inside the store.

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As your Revolut card is pre-paid, when you pay with it the merchant has to authorise that you have sufficient funds on your card to make the payment.
As some automatic petrol pumps and toll booths do not have online connectivity, you may find that you are unable to use your Revolut card at automatic petrol stations.

You could try to pay inside at the cashier.

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Many thanks for your answers. Perfect.

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Hi, payoneer mastercard is also prepaid but works perfectly on automatic petrol pumbs. This looks like more revolut policy and seems card type does not matter on this case (prepaid or debit/credit)