I can’t open my account

I’ve created an account in revolut app, location is India on April 23rd and the app showed your account will be ready soon, but still it’s not ready as of now. I’ve have attached screenshots for reference. Please help me to resolve this issue!


Hello @Shone :wave: ,

Welcome to our Community. We’re glad to know that you’re interested in joining us! Just a heads up, Revolut isn’t up and running in India yet, so you’re still on our wait-list. :memo:

We understand you’re eager to start an account with us, but we don’t have a definite timeline at the moment. As soon as we’re live in India, you’ll be the first to be informed. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

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Oh that’s why I couldn’t create one. I hope they come fast to India. By the way thank you for your help. :smiley:


You are welcome @Shone. We’ll make sure to keep you informed once we go live in India. Till then keep exploring our Community. :r:

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SG | Community Team