I am unable to verify my identity


Hi, I recently downloaded the app and made an account. After creating my account I was asked to verify my identity, using my driving license. However the scanner was unable to recognise my license and after a few failed attempts, I was asked to load some pictures I took myself of my id and myself, which I did. After doing so I was then told my verification was being processed and that it could take up to 24hrs. It has now been over that and nothing has changed. Can someone help please, as I need this card for a trip in March?

Thanks, Craig.


Have you tried verify using your ID card? Because I had same problem with driver license, it failed to recognise my license, then I used my ID and it worked perfectly, they verified it within 5 minutes


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.