I am sure I will learn to love this but a few initial teething problems...


Only just started to use this, the downloading and setting up and verifying went 100% smoothly, and was well impressed.

However the sign up process only asked for my First and Surname and every other bank account in the UK I have setup has my middle name.

Working in the financial services industry myself I am familiar with the enhanced Financial Crime and Money Laundering regulations financial institutions are put under by the regulators and governments, so to ensure that I would not have any issues in moving funds about I tried to amended my Name to include my middle name to be consistent will all my other accounts, but as my account was verified I could not.

I used the “support” chat and activated a “Live agent” and within a couple of minutes one appeared and escalated my problem to another person.

A few hours later another person contacted me, but by that time I had given up waiting and I received no notifications on my iphone that I was being contacted in the Revolut apps chat function.

This new support person has read my problem and to Revolut’s credit had enabled for me to now amend my name so I can include my Middle name.

Great I thought…However as a result of this my account has now become “un-verified” and I seem to have no way of re-verifying it myself (I made a small deposit in to it like I did initially to verify, but it seems to require some manual intervention by Revolut to verify it now) .

So I went back to the Support chat in the app and continued the conversation but nothing seems to be happened there after waiting a few hours, no responses or acknowledgements and even trying to active “Live agent” did nothing.

I am sure it will get sorted in the end, but:

  1. Perhaps it is worth the sign up process asking for “Middle” Names as all my bank accounts and credit cards have my Middle name or used my Middle initial.

  2. The in app chat support initially was great but it seems now not to be working correctly from a customer’s perspective, I am now not even getting an automated “Robot’s” response, so I have no idea if it is working or not now, or my status in a queue, which is rather frustrating [hence why it has led to this posting :wink: ]. It is not a question of needing a matter resolved immediately, it just a question of knowing when it will be resolved, and about managing customers expectations.

  3. For the chat app to work most efficiently, I presume that you need to receive notifications and that any responses in the support chat will trigger a notification in real time, otherwise it defeats the object. It appears that notifications are not working and after reading the forum here it suggests to “Logout” and log back in again…However after having a fully working and verified account and now an account that is unverified which I cannot do anything useful with, it is safe to “Logout” of the app as it says “_it will clear my account data from the device__” and I do not want to end up with a bigger problem.

That is my experience so far and hoping someone a Revolut can assist in my verification and notification issue.

This is a new technology and way or doing things so it is to be expected, as these issues get ironed out I am sure the confidence will grow and many more users will sign up to this way of doing things.

Thanks for listening


Hey @Diddyman :slight_smile:

Logging out and back in should not make the problem bigger, and has great chance of solving it :wink:

However, if you don’t want to risk it, you might want to reach :r: through Twitter, as they’re usually pretty efficient there:

Additionally, isn’t a “Upload documents” button shown in “More -> Profile -> Verification and limits” in the app?


Thanks for the help Juliopp,

Under my more >Profile>Verification & limits there is no option to upload any docs, just says:

“We’re currently reviewing your profile. We’ll notify you via a push notification when this is complete”.

I expect that as my account was initially “verified” they had to flip a switch to make it “un-verified” to allow me to edit my name and simply need to switch it back, I can see that in the actual chat app I can upload a photo of ID docs via the paperclip if needed, but just need someone to contact me somehow.

I will try the logout/login to see if that gets the chat/notifications working, appreciate that support will be off-line now but will give it another try in morning.


PS: Logged out and back in went OK, will see if I get notifications. The in app chat still seems to be missing it’s Robot though!


Personally, I think the customer experience of the support chat could be enhanced massively, if the chat gave some kind of idea as to whether you are in a queue or not.

I got a message 15 minutes in, saying my question was being escalated to somebody, great I thought … and then never heard another thing. After 4 hours, I have absolutely no idea whether the support chat has been dropped. It’s like a whatsapp chat, but without even having the benefit of the blue ticks to show you a message has been delivered. Even the robot seems to given up on me.

I can totally appreciate support may be busy, but at very least a message to say ‘We know you are waiting, we will be with you as soon as we can’, or something along those lines. To just have an open chat, left hanging, with no further response after being escalated, is poor.

At no point, was there any indication that there would be a delay once escalated.

My experience with Revolut has been tarnished by the handling of my query, and it makes me nervous about using it for business, which was my intention. I’m sure it will get sorted, but frustrating when you don’t know whether the support chat works or has been dropped.


Just a further update, support did try and contact me again a number of hours (7+) after I got back in contact, but despite logging out and back in to the app, it appears notifications are still not working (and yes I have enabled sounds, bagdes and banners for this app).

If only you would get a “ding” when a new chat came in you could then easily pick up your phone, resume and follow through to conclusion all in one go, this has go to be better for all concerned as it means that Revolut just have the 1 support agent dealing with the query from start to finish in most cases, plus the customer can get the problem resolved perhaps on the first touch point instead say in my case 3 touch points spread over a 3 day period.

Or if you knew where you were in the list of people (just like at the deli counter and you have a ticket number or in Argos), at least that would give you a better chance of actually being online with app open and phone in hand.

But thanks Revolut for getting back to me I did not expect it in view that it was outside of office hours, and now I have sent a picture of what was needed, hoping that you can now verify my account again.



Pleased to see that this morning, my verification had been completed.

I am receiving Notifications but they are in relation to the status of my account and not chat notifications, so perhaps my expectations were a little high in how notifications are currently working.

Having now used it and understanding the support process a little better I can see that the chat function will work perfectly whilst communicating with support in real time, but if this is not possible then it functions more like e-mail.

The positives here are that:

  • Revolut have fixed my problem and reverted to me and not left me waiting for more than 12 hours.

  • Each time they responded they were extremely professional and polite

  • With each response they gave precise instructions on what I needed to do, so solving my problem did progress

  • Whilst the chat support app was used more like an e-mail in this instance for me, I bet that if I e-mailed one of the typical high street banks they would not have responded as fast as Revolut has.

Therefore, a thumbs up to Revolut !!