I am stuck...


First, sorry for my english, i’m french…

I created an account for my son, but he’s 15. So i used my birthdate when i get registed. I know now i should not have done this!
Of course i can not activate the card because it’s his name and my birthdate. So I would like to close the account but before i want to tranfer the money (69 euros) an another account. But i can’t, it doesn’t work. I am stuck.

Does anyone know how to proceed?

Thank You

You need to contact Revolut’s support for this. Remember to type “live agent” so that you skip the chatbot Rita. Then you should get a (somewhat) timely response from them and they should be able to guide you through how to close the account.

What else you could do is to change the account name to yours and use it yourself. In that case you can also verify it. Then you could also share a card with your son.

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