I am reporting REVOLUT with the FCA


Recently, Revolut offered free cards to new members for a week. I shared the link with friends and family and some of them decided to give it a try. WHAT A MISTAKE!

Once you create a new account you need to top it up with money before you can order a card. But you can NOT use your money before you verify your identity. My sis failed to verify her ID and now she can’t get her money back. Support insisted in ID Verification (which failed already) and stopped responding after that, it has been a week without any answer. The lack of support is destroying this company.

I am reporting REVOLUT with the FCA :frowning:

UPDATE: I was crying at loud for support from Revolut here because I couldn’t believe that the in-app support can be so so slow (we are talking about days and not hours). After all the noise this post created support contacted me to fast track the issue and their final answer was the following:


“Before terminating the account, please note that we store your information for 5 years to comply with the anti-money laundering act of 2007. During this 5-year period you’ll be unable to make another Revolut account. For this reason we strongly advise users not to terminate their Revolut account. You might not be fully satisfied with our services at this very moment, but we’re working hard to improve these every day and bring our users more features. You never know whether you may wish to continue using our services in the future. So by at least by not terminating your account you keep this option open, and it won’t cost you anything!”


It was never my intention to create such confrontation between users, I wasn’t aware of the level of tension in this forum and about certain users that claim to “help” others by trashing people in need (calling them “special” users) and defending Revolut at any price (with dubious arguments). Luckily, there were others that did offer me advice and guidance to make up for the lack of support from Revolut, thank you.

Moderators, please close this thread.


And why did she fail at doing so?


that’s what the app says, “verification failed”… how to know without support?
they can’t keep your money hostage anyway…


Well, they dont keep it hostage. They just require proper verification. What did the support say? Did it fail immediately or after a while? Was it a technical error or a statement? If the latter, probably something did not match, either the ID or the picture. AFAIK if it fails several times there is an option for a manual verification. Support is unfortunately slow but it eventually works.


No offence, but I dont think you yelling scam is either reasonable or appropriate or helpful.


I know you work for REVOLUT, I have seen your posts defending the company wherever there is a complaint. Therefore I will ignore your messages since your agenda is very clear. They should put you to work in SUPPORT instead and improve the service.


Hey @t0ma5 :slight_smile:

Three quick things you got wrong:

  • @alessandro doesn’t work for :r:
  • FCA does not accept individual complaints
  • :r: community does not accept rude behaviour or duplicate threads


Oh for Christ’s sake. We’ve got a tinfoil nutcase!

I shared my opinion what you could and should do to approach and rectify the situation. If you choose to ignore it and instead go around yelling how badly you have been scammed, please be my guest - I will keep the popcorn ready.

Happy reporting! :laughing:

On a more serious note, my advice is still to invest your time better and simply get that fixed (my account was literally verified within 20 minutes - but hey, I work for Revolut, so I didnt need to verify it right, dont I :laughing:) instead of waving your threat fist and announce complaints you are not going through anyhow :laughing:


Alessandro is just a Revolut user, like almost everyone else on here. His point is valid - you’d be better pursuing support - time consuming though it can be. For the avoidance of doubt, I don’t work for Revolut either


It has been a week since support last answered, how long do you need to wait?


Is there a reason you opened two identical posts for this?


Ask in app chat for :Live agent or try contact @AndreasK here.
Other options is social media-Facebook/Twitter :slight_smile:


Juliopp don’t waste your time.


the website crashed when posting the first time. I edited the duplicate now, I wasn’t aware of it


thanks for the advice. The app has support… doesn’t it work?


Just checked-all works :wink:


If you had actually looked at anything you’d have noticed that I have criticised Revolut’s level of support on many occasions. I do speak up though when it involves certain users of the … daft kind :wink:


Facebook says: We’re not here right now, but we’ll get back to you soon. Our in-App support chat is available 24/7!
in-App Support: silent for days
Twitter: I don’t use


In app chat works for me .
Not sure why yours not working…
Have you tried to type : Live agent. ??
Other option is to send Direct message to @AndreasK


Hi @t0ma5,

I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with Revolut.

As we’re regulated by the FCA we are required to verify your identity to mitigate fraud, money laundering, counter-terrorism financing and more. This is a normal procedure for any financial service operating in the EEA.

Please ask your sister (and friends) to re-upload their identification documents. One of our staff members will take care. Please keep in mind that due to the enormous demand during our free card campaign, we currently have a slightly longer response time in our in-app chat. Nevertheless, we’ll get back to every single customer and will do our best to resolve each matter.

After your sister’s account has been verified, she’ll be able to access the full amount of her funds.