I am out of my account and there is no way for me to get back in

I have Premium membership, after upgrading the app I cannot log in to my account, when I enter my number and password there is just a message saying: “We are sorry, something has gone wrong”. Not been able to log in I cannot have access to in app support. Please help.

Hey @mahesh :slight_smile:

This is weird, but it happens sometimes. Have you tried reinstalling? :confused:

If it keeps happening, try asking one of the moderators in the forum (Andreas or Jessica) for help or, even better, consider reching the :r:'s support team on Twitter:

Hi there. Really sorry to hear that you are facing an issue.

Are you able to send me a direct message here so that I can help?


Andreas K.

Hi @AndreasK, dropping a DM right now :slight_smile:

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As of now I am in Colombia, counting on Revolut cards for everyday expenses and there seems to be no response on weather my money is safe and/or cards will keep on working at all. Also, no sort of access to any kind of support, where premium membership promises 24/7 support. This is crazy Revolut.

Hey @mahesh :slight_smile:

Both regular and premium accounts have access to 24/7 support :wink:

Your money is safe, and if you don’t get an answer here you should be able to still get an answer through Twitter:

Thank you @Juliopp. The issue is that to have access to support you need to be able to log into the app, which at the moment does not work for me. @AndreasK was not able to help, I will try to link this convo in a twitter message to @Revolutapp.

I’m sorry to hear that I’m was not able to help. You can try to contact our in-app support team or Twitter if you don’t want to speak with me.

Hi @AndreasK, of course it is my full will to interact with you in order to solve this issue. Happy you are back. I just replied again to you in our dm thread.


Ok, big shoutout to @AndreasK (and his patience) who finally managed to solve this issue after 24 hours of thrill. @AndreasK you might want to leave a memo to @Revolut UX/UI team in order to allow users to have access to chat support WITHIN the login page, because if tech issues like mine arise and there’s no way to sign in, users are barred from having access to app support at all!