I am not receiving the 6 digit code for verification


I changed my phone and I had to download the revolut app again. When I want to enter the app they ask for my phone number, then my pin, then a 6 digit code that they are supposed to send me through a message or phone call. I am not receiving anything and I do have coverage. What should I do to enter the app??


Hello @celiacharon,

Could you please let me know if you have created two accounts, one with the old phone number and a second one with the new number?


Andreas K.


Hello Andreas,

Thank you for answering so quickly. I finally received the messages with
the code but it was too late to use it. I think it might be a problem of
coverage after all. So I’ll try to do it some place else and I’ll get back
to you if it still doesn’t work.



@AndreasK could you please help me solve a similar problem. I need to transfer funds kind of urgently an haven’t recived the cod in seven hours. I would be really grateful if you could help. I thank you in advance.

Have a nice weekend,


Sure! Let’s get in touch via a direct message.


I have a valid and confirmed account with Revolut.
I have recently switched phones (from Android to iOS), after installing the Revolut app the 6 digit verification code is never send to my phone.

Any suggestions how to fix this, as I’m currently unable to use the Revolut app.


I’m having the exact same issue, Revolut! Please get in touch with me soon.


Revolut, please, somebody help, I need to send my rent money asap.