I am not getting rate alerts


I set a number of GBP to EUR alerts, 1.13, 1.14, & 1.15. Yesterday whilst I was at home and on WiFi the 1.13 limit was passed, indeed whilst I was in the app and checking. But I did not receive any notification. I engaged in Chat, and they asked for a screen shot, which I sent whilst out. Because it showed a weak 4g signal they said go to a stronger signal. All rubbish as A I was on WiFi when the alert target was passed and the 4 g signal later was still able to send the screen grab. They just don’t get it. So I need to try and understand why I am not getting alerts on rates. I get all other Revolut notifications, card use, payment made, new chat etc.


The signal quality sounds a bit of an excuse … buggy alerts I’d guess … @AndreasK?